gold silver pvc glitter card

Gold & Silver PVC Glitter ID Card

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₹11 Onwards


4 out of 5 stars

Bharti Cards offers PVC glitter cards for various purposes and clients. These cards come in two stunning colors: gold glitter and silver glitter. The real glitter cards feature fashionable patterns enhanced by the sparkling and shining effects of actual glitter, adding a touch of glamour to the design. These cards have a wide range of applications, including in schools, colleges, banking, corporations, malls, events, exhibitions, and special events. Get ready to add some shine to your cards with Bharti Cards' glittery PVC options.


  • PVC Glitter Cards in Gold, Silver
  • Dazzling Touch with Actual Glitter
  • Wide Applications in Various Fields
  • Easy and Simple Card Making Process


Prices may vary based on purchase quantity and any customizations. An 18% GST charge will apply.



Cards serve different purposes such as membership, loyalty, pre-printing, discount, ID cards, and more. PVC cards are preferred for their high-quality look and finish, provided the lamination is well-done. There is a great demand for PVC cards in the market, as people are willing to pay for a good product. Eye-catching and attractive PVC cards are in high demand for clients who want a premium product.

Making PVC glitter cards is a simple process. Choose a design template with a white background and limited colors. The rest of the process is the same as traditional PVC card printing. This exclusive product is worth trying.

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