id card franchisee kit

ID Card Franchisee Kit

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The Franchisee Kit is for printers who become Bharti Cards franchisees by paying a certain fee for a specified period of validity. The validity period can vary depending on the type of franchise and the fee paid. The franchisee kit gives you an advantage over other printers and helps you conduct business with confidence in the market.


  • Comprehensive product samples
  • PVC card sample album
  • PVC Visiting card display
  • Lanyard display holder


Prices may vary based on purchase quantity and any customizations. An 18% GST charge will apply.



Bharti Cards offers a comprehensive franchisee kit that includes a full range of our products and samples for marketing and display purposes. The kit features samples of PVC cards, lanyards, and visiting cards, among others, to help make a lasting impression on clients when discussing our product offerings. The franchisee kit includes a PVC card sample album with 96 different samples, a lanyard display holder with engraved brand logo samples in 16mm and 20mm width, a PVC visiting card display holder with various lamination and finishing samples, and a design book with pre-printed design templates.

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