embossed pvc id card

Embossed PVC ID Card

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₹9 Onwards


4 out of 5 stars

Embossing adds prestige and finesse to your design with its raised mark. You can have your name, organisation name, or dates embossed for an engaging effect that leaves a lasting impression through the raised surface of the card.


  • Prestige and finesse
  • Engaging effect
  • High-quality material
  • Premium and elegant


Prices may vary based on purchase quantity and any customizations. An 18% GST charge will apply.



ID cards serve as a means of identification, safety, and security and reflect the status of your firm or organization. Bharti Cards offers PVC ID cards with embossing to fulfil the clients' requirements. Embossing, commonly used for membership and loyalty cards, adds a premium and elegant touch to ID cards, making them stand out.

Made of high-quality PVC, ABS, or PET with a thickness of 0.76 mm and a size of 86 mm x 54 mm, these ID cards come in glossy, matte, gold glitter, and silver glitter finishes. Embossing is available for landscape PVC ID cards with single-side embossing. The PVC ID cards with embossing add a premium and confident look to your ID card set.

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