rfid proximity tk4100 card 125 khz

RFID Proximity TK4100 Card (125-KHz)

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Bharti Cards offers PVC RFID TK4100 and proximity RFID cards. Operating at a radio frequency of 125 kHz, these low-frequency (LF) RFID cards have no memory chip and cannot store data. Made from high-quality and durable PVC/ABS/PET material, these cards are durable and resistant to breakage and fading. Available in CR80 size (86mm x 54mm) with a thickness of 760 microns, they come with surface finishing options of glossy, matte, gold or silver glitter, and foiling. Their function can be set to read or write, depending on the software used and the intended application. These RFID cards comply with the ISO 14443A/15693/18000-2 protocol.


  • Durable material
  • Versatile applications
  • Compatible readers
  • Data storage option


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RFID cards have a range of applications, such as attendance tracking, transactions, scheduling, and tagging. Some RFID cards even have the ability to store data. The TK4100 RFID card, also known as a proximity RFID card, is a commonly used basic RFID PVC card and is utilised for biometric purposes.

Schools often utilise these cards as ID cards to manage attendance data and monitor activity on school grounds. Bharti Cards also offers RFID readers compatible with TK4100 RFID cards, making it a convenient option for all your ID card needs.