pre printed pvc id card

Pre-Printed PVC ID Card

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PVC cards have become widely adopted in various industries to reduce manual labor. One effective approach is to have pre-printed PVC cards with essential information. These cards can be printed in-house or on-site using designated printers. For instance, in hospitals, manual maintenance of patient records, case files, and prescriptions has been replaced by PVC cards with the hospital's logo and name, with space left for printing additional information using printers.


  • Durable material (PVC/ABS/PET)
  • Fade-resistant printing
  • Suitable for thermal/inkjet printing
  • Wide range of finishes


Prices may vary based on purchase quantity and any customizations. An 18% GST charge will apply.



Pre-printed PVC cards suitable for both thermal and inkjet printers are readily available. These cards have a standard thickness of 0.76 mm and measure 86 mm by 54 mm. They come in a range of materials, including PVC, ABS, and PET, and are known for their durability, resistance to bending or breaking, and long lifespan. There's no need for lamination, as the cards are made of high-quality, weather-resistant material. A variety of finishes, from glossy to gold or silver glitter, are available. The pre-printed colours are fade-resistant, ensuring a long lifespan. We offer a wide range of pre-printed PVC cards, including Aadhaar cards, health cards, school ID cards, and hospital cards.

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