pvc id 10 cards tray

PVC ID 10 Cards Tray

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The modified Epson L series printers can use the ten-slot PVC card tray from iDJet. Each slot is designed to fit standard CR80-size cards (86mm x 54mm) and allows for printing ten cards at once. To use the tray, special modifications are required for the inkjet printer. The durable PVC material of the tray does not impact the printer's performance. This ten-card tray is compatible with Epson L800 and L805 models.


  • Instant PVC card printing solution
  • Supports diverse card types
  • Capable of printing inkjet RFID cards
  • Improved performance with iDJet products


Prices may vary based on purchase quantity and any customizations. An 18% GST charge will apply.



This tray provides an instant solution for PVC card printing and is ideal for educational institutions, government agencies, and hospitals. It allows for printing diverse cards, including ID cards, membership cards, and loyalty cards, based on your needs. Additionally, it is capable of printing inkjet RFID cards. To enhance performance, use iDJet inkjet PVC cards and the iDJet ID card software.

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