aluminum metallic id card holder

Aluminum Metallic ID Card Holder

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The aluminium metal cardholders are both strong and fashionable, protecting your ID card from damage. The smooth finish adds a touch of elegance to the ID card set while providing resistance to weathering, breaking, and scratches. Our selection also includes push-button holders for added sophistication. Choose from a variety of colors, including golden, silver, red, black, and blue.


  • Sturdy Aluminum construction
  • Elegant smooth finish
  • Transparent scratch protection
  • Available in various shapes and sizes


Prices may vary based on purchase quantity and any customizations. An 18% GST charge will apply.



ID cards serve not only as a form of identification but also for security and safety purposes. Many individuals affiliated with public organizations, government institutions, and educational facilities are required to wear an ID card at all times. The validity of these cards may range from months to years, making it crucial to keep them secure from factors such as weathering. At Bharti, we provide both ID cards and metal PVC ID cardholders to meet all your needs.

To meet client demands, we offer metal cardholders in both vertical and horizontal shapes. The two-way transparent protection film protects your ID card from scratches. The standard metal ID cardholder fits PVC cards measuring 54mm by 86mm and vice versa, while jumbo metal holders are available for PVC cards measuring 70mm by 100mm. These cardholders are ideal for exhibitions and public events, providing a modern and premium look compared to traditional ID card sets.

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